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Multifoil – safety labels on polyester foil SK 88 red without residue


SUPER-advantage of this safety labels – nothing remains on the substrate

Void-foils, checkerboard-foils and triangle-foils will be applied as a guarantee seal onto the packaging or the case to recognize unwanted opening. Here a text or a pattern remains on the device or the packaging. That is different with our Multifoil material. 

Here nothing remains on the device or the packaging. Still, an unauthorized opening or removal can be immediately recognized because after the attempt to remove the text breaks on the foil and this is clearly visible. When the labels will be peeled off, a text “VOID/OPEN” appears. Thus it is visible that a label was tried to be removed. The safety labels offer a proof of manipulation and are removable from all smooth surfaces like glass, metal, and plastic.

Areas of application:

  • Temporary covering of mobile cameras in companies with ban on photographing. After the visit the label will be peeled off the camera of the mobile and nothing remains on the mobile.
  • Temporary sealing of new vehicles after the final inspection.
  • Sealing of closing caps without residue on the container.

Please find further information in the data sheet.

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