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Splicing tapes

High transparency splicing tape

This tape is perfect for the splicing of siliconized papers and foils. This way maculation and open rolls can be reduced effectively.

The high transparency splicing tape is tear-resistant both vertically and horizontally. It is equipped with a very shear-resistant silicone rubber adhesive of a high aging resistance.  The back of the adhesive tape is siliconized in an easy-to-remove way to ensure the continuous siliconization of the splicing parts.  It is perfect for the splicing of labeling widths which will not be registered by photo cells like e.g. in thermal transfer printers.   


50 mm x 66 running meters     36.40 € / roll plus VAT
25 mm x 66 running meters     18.20 € / roll plus VAT

Minimum order 10 rolls of a type.


Roll width: 25mm and 50 mm
Roll length: 66 running meters


Adhesive: silicone
Color: high-transparent
Roll core: 76 mm inner diameter
Thickness: 80 µ
Ultimate elongation: 40%
Tear resistance: > 30 N/cm
Adherence on silicone: 3,5 N/cm
Winding: the material is winded onto itself.

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