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Perfectly fitted to you

Labeling foils for the printing industry

Labeling foils for the printing industry

For over 20 years Folit GmbH guarantees the highest quality in the field of foils and labeling. For the printing industry we provide a wide product range for individual requirements. Due to our longterm experience we hereby guarantee that we find the best solution which fits you. Many satisfied customers in the last years will prove us right! We act according to our claim “perfectly tailored to you” and we would also like to convince you by our expertise! 

Our brand promise

Perfectly fitted to you.


We only process materials by prestigious brand manufacturers. Computer-operated cutting plants guarantee maximum precision.


Due to the long-termed experience we will find a fast and best individual solution for you. Fast order processing and the wide range of foils allow for a rapid delivery.


Personal contacts and highest accuracy in cutting and packing of the quality foils ensure that the goods arrive at your site in a flawless condition.

Foils range for any requirement

Foils come into action in many industrial areas. Thus the product range by Folit is also diversified widely. We offer foil cuts for individual needs, which exactly address the respective application area.

This listing is only a small part of our wide-ranging portfolio, which also includes inter alia hightemperatureresistant foils, splicing tapes and manual label dispensers.

Labeling foils

Our product range includes inter alia labeling foils, which are suitable for the temporary identification of products, parts and surfaces. A good example of this are foils, which protect the screens of electronic devices from scratching during the transportation. Here the special weak adhering power of the foil is important, thus they shall be removed easily later on and still sufficiently protect the product. For the screen protecting foils the so-called adhesive force comes into action.

Spacer foils

Spacer foils are often used for membrane keyboards. Here a precise processing must be guaranteed and the exactly defined distance must be kept. In addition, the adhered foil shall add to the exactly defined key operating force to offer users the most comfortable haptics.

Lamination foils

To protect the labels against abrasion, weather and also chemical load the lamination foils can be used. Here there is also an additional possibility to imprint and to inscribe them subsequently. In this sector as well you profit from our longterm experience, which is reflected in our perfect material properties.

Laser engraving foils

Do you want a forgeryproof labeling for your product? Special safety materials offer protection against manipulation. This kind of label cannot be removed without being damaged. Labels made of laser engraving foil can be used for invertory plates or type plates. They are extremely robust and resist chemicals, solvents, heat and weather influence.

The quality promise by Folit

Along with our longterm experience we only count on materials by famous brands. Among them are tesa, 3M or Flexcon. 

In addition, we count on the fast processing of your request, thus the shortterm orders can be managed without any problems. We have numerous foils in stock, this way we can deliver fast. With our premium packaging we guarantee that you receive your goods in a flawless condition as well.

Our focus still remains on the one: on the customer! We put emphasis on a fair partnership, which provides a basis for a long-term cooperation. We are your reliable consultant and confidant in the field of foils and labeling.

Modern technology and most current knowledge

We live in the time of rapid change and this can be also observed in the sector of foils. We at Folit stay always current due to the close contact to our suppliers and guarantee you products according to the latest technological advances.

For example, our computeroperated cutting systems ensure the highest precision, and we are glad to forward the latest knowledge to you directly. This leads to economical and premium way of production, which can also be regarded as another basis of our philosophy.

Do you have any further questions about Folit or our products? Our consultants will be glad to support you. 


We are looking forward to your call!

We will advise you competently without any obligations. We will be glad to send you free sample material.

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