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The 3M-labeling foils 76962 and 76964 will be superseded


Both polyester foils 76962 and 76964 by 3M will be discontinued by the end of the year and will be replaced with foils 92062 and 92064. The new foils come onto the market with improved materials and are technically up-to-date. This product line opens new possibilities for the labeling of appliances which are exposed to chemical and abrasive load.

Test the new 3M-materials 92062 and 92064

The high-performance foils 92062 and 92064 by 3M are now available at Folit. We will be glad to send you free testing material so you can convince yourself of the excellent quality of the solvent-resistant foils – call us!

Polyester foils – perfectly durable inscription with thermal transfer printing 

Acetone, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) as well as brake liquid (DOT 4) quickly make usual labels shabby and unreadable. When the acetone-proof 3M foils will be imprinted with the thermal transfer ribbons 3M™ 92904 or Ricoh B110CU, a print-protecting laminate is often unnecessary even under influence of aggressive chemicals – the letterings and barcodes remain readable in best quality – no loss due to abrasion or chemical load arises. 

Available colors

The polyester foil 92062 has the color matt white, the foil 92064 is matt silver. 

Excellent adhesive properties

The foils are provided with the glue of series 350E and stand out especially with their good adherence onto many powder coated surfaces and slightly oily substrates. Equipped with a glassine-protective paper on both sides they are ideal for the automatic dispensing. 

UL standard 969

The products 92062 and 92064 are approved in accordance with UL standard 969 and have a cUL approval in accordance with CSA standard.

Typical applications of 3M polyester foils

Common areas of application are type plates and labeling of products which are exposed to special loads by organic solvents and abrasion. Often they will be applied in automotive, electronics- and container industries.

Temperature range

-40° C up to +150° C
Minimum temperature when being applied: +5° C (on stainless steel)

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